Voice: Davis obsessed with raising money

May 25, 2002

Comrades of the Peoples Republic of California (PRC), lend me your ear!

Gov. Gray Davis sent his wife to appear at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus and to celebrate Calexico's 94th birthday — let us hope and pray that Imperial Valley commerce, culture, education and the agricultural industry can survive another term with Mr. Davis at the helm in Sacramento — because the governor is raising money, mega-bucks, for re-election. That is what he does; an "a fund raiser extraordinaire," California Common Cause's board member Roy Ulrich, calls him.

Around the Capitol he is known as "Pay to Play" Gray. This obsession to raise cash could have happened to him during those years he signed all my welfare checks — you think I'm kidding — as state comptroller, he signed giga-bucks and wants some back.

Never mind the facts if you are apathetic: under Davis, California closed Power plants by "deregulation" and forced utilities to sell off their infrastructure and buy electrons on the day-ahead spot market. Imagine yourself buying gasoline and diesel, natural gas, food and beverages — each and every day if you cannot store them — as you cannot store electrons easily or long.


Generators simply turned off capacity, sat on the sidelines and commenced panic in the Peoples Republic of California and its emperors. So electrons literally went cosmic in price; and the people got screwed by Gov. Davis inking contracts that were unneeded and exorbitant in price because of fear in the buyer.

México has been selling power into San Diego's grid for some time, more generation will soon come on line and all that soot, oil and noxious exhaust will poop out of the stacks and flow downhill — read: to the Salton Sea; it being lower than Mexicali — and be pushed into the Valley by southerly winds that dominate weather patterns during the peak electricity demand months of July, August and September!

"Pay to Play" Gray has even put the mordida on the California Teacher's Association's emperor n check that, president — Wayne Johnson, who alleges the governor said, "I need $1 million dollars from you guys." Did Gray steal Dr. Evil's line from the movie, Austin Powers? Yeah, Baby!

Fine tuning down the decibels, Gov. Davis decided the PRC need not put out to competitive bid for software to run the peoples' computers. Oracle got the pact for $95 million — $41 million more than its true value — after it loogied $25,000 into the war chest of Mr. Davis' campaign. Hey, he gave the money back to Oracle! Would that Willie Sutton, erstwhile bank robber, could have done the same. When asked at his sentencing why he robbed banks, he quipped, "Because, that's where the money is." Willie spent the money.

And so will Mr. Davis spend. He will spend our inheritance, estate and garden. His decisions are based on policy — the policy of political survival, whose oil and energy is money and water.

This newspaper says that Mr. Davis "owes us a visit." A part of himself visited — he gave us the finger!


El Centro

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