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Our Opinion: A time for honor

May 26, 2002

As we celebrate Memorial Day today — most of us with the day off from work — we are certain this holiday weekend has even more meaning than it has had in past years.

America again has found itself in a war, but a war unlike any we have fought before because the enemy is tricky and struck in our own home. And while we have made the enemy suffer, enemy forces are still out and our war will continue.

The war is not against one country — it is a war against an idea that it is just to kill innocent people. That is terrorism, and the war to stop it must continue.

Wars of any kind come with a heavy price. American soldiers and our allies have died for the cause and today, as we honor those who paid the ultimate price, we now must think about the most recent fallen heroes. They are the ones who had the courage to go halfway around the world and do battle with an enemy that threatens our way of life.


We must make time to honor their memory today, just as we remember those who fought and died for this country in every war.

Today we also should take time to honor those innocent people who died when terrorists flew two planes into the World Trade Center and another into the Pentagon. A fourth jet was aimed at the White House but never reached its target thanks to the heroics of those brave Americans aboard.

While Memorial Day is to honor fallen soldiers, those men and woman with the police and fire departments in New York were as brave as any soldier when they gave their lives trying to save others on Sept. 11.

There is much to think about this Memorial Day. As you enjoy family barbecues, go to the river or the dunes or see the latest movies, think about why we can enjoy a day like today. Think about what it takes to allow us these freedoms. Think about how this country has risen out of the shock of Sept. 11 to come together, united.

One way to show that unity is to fly your U.S. flags today just as you did in the days following Sept. 11. Let's show our servicemen and women how proud we are of them and how much their service means to this country.

Display your flags. Be proud of your country. Be proud of your sons and daughters and mothers and fathers who have fought for our freedom. Be proud of your grandparents and great-grandparents who so bravely faced their own wars.

That is a wonderful way to honor those who gave all they had to give.

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