Voice: A Democrat would have to be smoking something to support Garcia

May 28, 2002

Oh my! I would like to address my friend Guy Manning again. He seems to have (like a lot of "conservatives") omitted some information in his letter. First about the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge and our dependency on Middle Eastern (the people who hate us) oil. Most of our oil doesn't actually come from the Middle East; we get more from South America.

Conservatives, and it's ironic to call them conservatives because they don't want to conserve anything except what goes on in my bedroom, are so hypocritical. On the one hand they say we need to stop our dependency on foreign oil but shot down a proposal that would have raised the miles per gallon standard for trucks and SUVs, which would have gone a long way toward our "energy independence" immediately, not 12 to 15 years down the road as would be the case for drilling in ANWR.


Not to mention we really don't know if there is enough oil there anyway. One other thing. If we had done 25 to 30 years ago what "tree huggers" told us to do, namely alternative and renewable fuels, we wouldn't be in this situation. Because like it or not, the only way to truly be free of foreign oil is to not have to use it.

As for our electrical shortages last year, well, that was a setup by the energy companies. California investigators have found e-mails between power companies that basically show they were in collusion to hike and fix prices for power. And California will get its money back. Not to mention this really goes back to Pete Wilson and deregulation of the power industry. Our electrical problems are the result of greed and letting the power industry go unchecked.

Our water problems are not really a liberal or conservative issue. It stems from the El Niño droughts and fact that administrations, both past and present, both Democratic and Republican, refused in the past and still refuse to step up and make the hard decisions about the water situation.

The last thing I would like to say is actually directed to Daniel C. "Danny" Ramirez from Calexico. If you believe in Ms. (or Mrs.) Garcia that much, you really need to change your party affiliation. The reason is because if you believe what you said you are a Republican. My fellow Democrats, please don't do as he asks, because if she does win, do you really think a freshman congressperson will actually be able to stand up to the national Republican leadership? I don't think so! She will do what all freshman do, vote the party line!

Mr. Ramirez, you know that as well as I do. To say she will represent the interest and aspirations of the Democrats of this district is ridiculous. If that were the case she would be a Democrat.

What it boils down to, Mr. Ramirez, is this; she is Republican and when everything shakes out she will vote right along with the rest of them. That means all the things that we as Democrats don't want Republicans to impose on us, you are helping to give them one more vote to do it. It makes think of that saying "What have you been smoking'!"


El Centro

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