Hispanics are Caucasian, and we shouldn't vote based on ethnicity anyway

May 28, 2002

In reference to the letter published May 19, it is no wonder why we, Hispanics, don't win elections. We don't need anyone to defeat us. We do it all by ourselves — through lack of information.

This person repeatedly refers to Hispanics versus "the white people." Doesn't he know that he is comparing apples and oranges? Hispanic refers to ethnic background or origin and "white' refers to race. He should realize that he is white! Mexicans are Caucasians (white race), the same as those "white people" that he mentions. However, to properly differentiate he should denote as Hispanics vs. Anglo-Saxons.

Regarding voting, one immediately notices the absence of the use of the word intelligence. He neither mentions nor seems to take into account the intelligence factor of the candidate.

He seems to advise people to vote blindly based solely on the candidates' ethnicity regardless of his qualifications merits, intelligence, accomplishments, etc.


A candidate should win or lose on his/her own merits. We should not play the "victim" role and blame others for our own shortcomings.

I believe this person has a political agenda.

Please, not to sound pugnacious, but ignorance may be a right but let's not abuse the privilege.


El Centro

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