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County finalizes one contract for Gateway of Americas work

May 29, 2002|By LAURA MITCHELL

Staff Writer

The county Board of Supervisors finalized one of three contracts for work at the Gateway of the Americas industrial development at its meeting Tuesday.

The Gateway industrial development is aimed at attracting industry and thousands of jobs to former farmland around the Calexico East Port of Entry.

The county's action completed a $2.4 million contract with Gateway Construction Co. Two other contracts for work at the development with Hoyt Construction of El Centro and Floyd Johnston Construction are still open.


Work under the $87,400 Hoyt contract is complete. The county is waiting to transition from temporary water plant service to a permanent service plant to close the contract.

Work under the $5.7 million Johnston contract still needs to be completed.

John Pierre Menvielle, one of the Gateway development landowners, told the board he has not received a bi-weekly update, as promised to the landowners, since March 22.

Menvielle had questions about money budgeted for a pipe under Highway 7. He asked the board for a status report.

Board chairman Hank Kuiper asked staff to make a Gateway status report next week.

The board also approved $61,600 for voice, data and security analysis and installation contract on a future county building by Prime Tech of Fountain Valley.

Imperial resident Ray Saucedo, who owns a security company, objected to what he said was too much money for the work survey. Kuiper said the county requested bids for the project and Prime Tech had the best proposal.

The board also:

· approved a lease agreement for an office building at 1295 State St., El Centro for $18,200 a month;

· as an emergency item, authorized a county security service contract with Desert Security Services to replace Day and Night Security Services, which will discontinue service to the county June 1.

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