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Voice: Feinstein ill-advised on following, but Kuhn out of line in rant

May 29, 2002

Two days ago I read where Sen. Dianne Feinstein was demanding that IID fallow land and transfer water or the feds would take the water. I think that Sen. Feinstein is misadvised to say the least, and it is incumbent on the elected officials and water experts of Imperial County to inform her of the negative impact of fallowing.

Feinstein has been an advocate for programs protecting the poor and is supportive of economic development for low-income areas. She needs to be corrected on her pro-fallowing stand; it contradicts economic goals she shares with this county.

However, I was disheartened that we would win the policy battle when I read Bruce Kuhn's comments about the senator. When an elected director of one of the largest water districts in the West attacks a senator in public in those terms, it does not look good for the home team.

Mr. Kuhn represents thousands of district constituents, and there is no room for personal ranting. The responsibility to those who elected Mr. Kuhn is too great. If he needs to vent his anger over an ill-informed senator's stand on fallowing, please let him do it out of ear shot of the media. School-yard language berating a senator does not befit an IID director and does not serve the constituents' goals of economic prosperity.


We need Washington and Sacramento on our side, and the way to win the feds and the state is through aggressively arguing our water policy plan in a logical fashion in those cities and in the media. I hope the other directors, the county supervisors and members of city councils will take our case to the policy- makers. Telling other locals that we are correct will not do it.

And for the record, Sen. Feinstein is no more a bureaucrat than you, Mr. Kuhn. She too is an elected representative, in fact helped into office by a majority of voters in this county. Now the voters need to let her know what they think of her fallowing demand that would economically injure the county.


El Centro

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