Gym joint-use agreement mulled in Calexico

May 29, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE

Staff Writer

CALEXICO — The City Council and the Calexico Unified School District Board of Education met Tuesday to discuss the joint-use agreement for the gymnasium under construction at De Anza Junior High School.

Both the council and the district said the agreement needs to be fine-tuned before it is voted upon. The agreement will be brought back before each entity in the future.

The city and the district are entering into an agreement on use of the facility because the city put up $750,000 toward construction. The gym will cost roughly $3.2 million, with the state picking up $1.5 million and the district paying $950,000.


While no final action was taken Tuesday, a general parameter that was agreed upon will have the district using the gym during regular school hours and for regular after-school activities, such as federally funded programs and school teams' activities.

The city would use the gym on weekends and non-school hours, up to 20 hours a week during the school year. That could include late-night activities such as a midnight basketball league. In the summer the city would use the gym for up to 40 hours a week.

Mayor John Renison said he wants to get an agreement hammered out before the new gym opens at summer's end.

District Superintendent Roberto Moreno said the gym would not open until late August.

As for how the gym would be maintained and repaired, Moreno said the district and the city would split major costs on a 50-50 basis.

Major costs could be defined in the revised agreement, said City Manager Richard Inman. Moreno said a dollar figure could be attached to make it more specific.

Councilman Victor Carrillo said the gym should be available during school hours for special events such as senior citizens' dances.

Moreno said, "I'm sure we could work around a special event."

Carrillo asked if the city could sponsor volleyball leagues that would make use of the school's volleyball equipment left in the gym after practice.

Moreno said, "We can get through those types of bumps."

Councilman David Ouzan questioned whether the gym could be named to show it is a joint city and school district project.

Moreno said the district board has submitted a possible name to Inman, who would share that name with the council at a later date. Moreno did not say what that name is.

Later, Ouzan asked if the district board would share the expense of building a new pool just as the city helped the district build a new gym.

Moreno said it might make sense for the district to explore that idea if the pool was built on a school site. Specifically, Renison said it might be a good idea to consider building a pool on the west side of town.

Moreno said it might be a good plan to build a pool on the west side of town when, or if, the district converts William Moreno Junior High into the city's second high school.

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