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Voice: Some people ashamed of their Hispanic heritage

May 29, 2002

Mr. Fullerton: you gave us the story of how your mother had been called a greaser by white teen-age girls because of her dark features. She was attacked because she was different.

You viewed the remark as being racist. But I don't distinguish the difference between your conduct toward the young Hispanic girl who addressed your class with the purpose of registering Hispanic voters and the conduct that was directed toward your mom.

You also disliked the young Hispanic girl's political views because they were different than yours, and in this newspaper you called her a very Mexican girl for the purpose of demeaning her. You disliked her speaking some Spanish and you confronted her because she upset your white skin attitude.

Your conduct against the Hispanic girl and the conduct directed against your mom were both wrong. Don't forget the young Hispanic girl will probably pass on her experience with you to her kids.


Just because you have some Mexican blood inside of you does not free you from being considered a racist. Sometimes people become ashamed of their Hispanic bloodline in an attempt to distance themselves from what they consider to be an inferior race. They become very hostile to members of that race. They don't like to hear them speak Spanish or don't care for their opinions.

Some of those who marry Hispanics like the wife but don't like the race. An example is the dodo-head optometrist from Calexico. As hostile as he is in his attacks against Hispanics, who would ever imagine he was married to a Hispanic?

You mentioned the posters in your classroom. You described a field worker working in a tulip field. He is an important person but we send our kids to school to better themselves and prepare for a well-paying career, not to aspire to become field workers. It would be inappropriate to have a picture of a white garbage man in your class.

If you went to a black school and hung a picture of a black man picking cotton, the NAACP would be after you. A poster of the San Diego Police Chief Bejarano or Lt. Gov. Bustamante would be more appropriate in a classroom of learning.

I would suggest you publicly apologize to the young Hispanic girl.



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