Voice: Protect the ocotillo-Coyote Wells aquifer from big business

May 30, 2002

Please find the e-mail I sent to the Bureau of Land Management:

Mr. Thomsen:

I recently learned of the request by Plaster City to increase their water usage. I am most certainly against any increase in Plaster City's water usage.

I'm sure that you are aware that the Ocotillo-Coyote Wells aquifer has been designated as a "sole-source aquifer" by the EPA. Does the Plaster City request fall under this umbrella? Does or has Plaster City (U.S. Gypsum) received any type of federal funding?

Has an EPA study of the aquifer been conducted? If not there needs to be. What is the size of the aquifer? What can it support? How fast is it replenished? Will our wells go dry?


Why can't Plaster City get it's water from the Westside Main Canal? It seems as if there is a surplus since Imperial County is going to give water to San Diego.

I hope that the citizens of the Ocotillo-No Mirage area will be considered before any decisions are made that will affect their sole source of water, property values, way of life, water rights etc.

Please don't let big business take advantage of the town of Ocotillo and No Mirage area.



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