Voice: Kunn apologizes for personal remarks, not stand on issue

May 31, 2002

On June 24, I was contacted by Mark Kadesh, who identified himself as Sen. Feinstein's West Coast chief of staff. I told him I apologized to Sen. Feinstein for making personal remarks about her. However, he was told I would not, and will never, apologize for the reasons I criticized her in the press. I did not apologize for her comments on fallowing as reported in the Imperial Valley Press on May 29.

I was assured by Mr. Kadesh that the Imperial Irrigation District would be included rather than excluded in conversations dealing with the water transfer. That we could agree to disagree on issues relating to the water transfer, and there would be a sharing of firsthand information from our representatives and not from third-party representatives.

I was assured that there would be constructive, productive and open dialogue between the senator's office and the IID.

I also advised Mr. Kadesh that my comments were not partisan and that any bureaucrat, Republican, Democrat or of any other party affiliation, would have received the same treatment if they threatened IID, the Imperial Valley or the people of the Imperial Valley.


I assured Mr. Kadesh that had we been included, had there been clear and constructive dialogue between the senator's office and IID, this entire incident could have been avoided. To which we both agreed.

In service to the people of the Imperial Valley,


IID director

Division 2

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