Voice: The thruth behind extremist lies

June 02, 2002

Well, I was hoping Mr. Brewster would respond and he didn't let me down. He's really proving my point when I say that the anti-off-road groups are full of deceit. Please keep it up, Mike. Here, let me explain.

But first, I have to mention that the off-road community wasn't vocal at all until Mike's endearing groups stuck that proverbial knife in our backs one too many times. We were content to enjoy our weekends with our families, promoting family values and bonding with our kids. Until they woke up a sleeping giant (and we are not going away until every American understands the truth behind their agendas).

I'm feeling really bad for Mike that the honorable Congressman Hunter offended him. I guess I was wrong. He WAS talking about Mike, as Mike has proved every time he writes. For years his group of extremist has bad-mouthed the off-road vehicle community. Did we cry about it? Nah! Sticks and stones, you know. But what he didn't mention is the boos, jeers and catcalls only happened when one of the anti-off-roaders spewed forth more lies and misconceptions.


We're on to the Mike's of the world and others like him. And the growing numbers of Americans are on to them, too.

The Sierra Club, which scrambles to replace about 150,000 non-renewing members a year out of 600,000, produces new fund-raising packages more frequently than General Motors produces new car models. That's a far cry from "millions."

Let's talk about the Endangered Species Act. The paper can't give me enough space to enlighten Mike and his cohorts on it but people, you need to read it.

You'll be shocked and outraged at this bad law. Unfortunately we were all asleep when this garbage called law was enacted; we won't let that happen again. Many are working on amending it as we speak.

Now, on to more deceptions by the anti-off-roaders. Mike said OHVers have 100,000 miles of roads and trails and the same of open areas. Well, let's compare that to the 14 million acres of public land in California that is closed to OHV recreation. Maybe my math skills are bad, but that doesn't add up to a 50/50 split. I'm with you brother, 50/50. I'd even join forces with Mike to get our congressman to split it up 50/50. Mike, you may not be happy with that result.

Mike doesn't understand that the benefit to the public at large to manage people at the dunes is just as great as the benefit to manage the public at large at any state-run beach, park, museum or any public place someone may visit. And what Mike doesn't want the public at large to know is the dune users, not the public at large, pays for the management of the dunes. We pay fees to visit the dunes. We also pay green sticker (tax) money to ride on those dunes. And that pesky gas tax thing.

Now the clincher, folks: read what he is saying. Listen carefully. It's the dark truth to the extremist. It's called: preservationist policies. In a nutshell, that means no access to public lands. We, as recreationists, advocate conservation policies that work. Well-managed recreation areas are what is needed. Not closures. Not land locks. And certainly not lawsuits.

William Z. Foster, the national chairman of the Communist Party USA, once said "The establishment of an American Soviet government will involve the confiscation of large landed estates in town and country, and also, the whole body of forests, mineral deposits, lakes, rivers and so on." Sound familiar? Sound scary?



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