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Brawley lifters dominate event


Sports Editor

BRAWLEY — Brawley Union High athletes nearly ran away from the competition in the second annual Brawley varsity football-hosted powerlifting meet at the Lions Center gym here Saturday. The event was sponsored by the Imperial Valley Football Coaches Association.

Brawley's team had 180 points, with second-place Imperial High taking 40 points. Central Union High School came in third. However, only first and second were awarded plaques.

Brawley High's Jon Soto was named outstanding lifter for the lightweights (150 pounds and under), Brawley's Mex Reyes was outstanding lifter for the middleweights (150-210) and Tomas Ibarra, also of Brawley, was named top heavyweight (210 and above).


Said Brawley varsity head football coach John Bishop: "We had about 170 lifters, and that was down from last year because SATs were on Saturday. … We're striving to get more participation from the other schools.

"In the last 25 years, weightlifting has come to the forefront," he said. "You just get better lifting weights. It improves (athletes) in football especially."

Bishop added stronger athletes put the Imperial Valley on a level playing field with athletes from areas such as San Diego and Coachella Valley.

"We have to be strong to be able to compete," he said.

In the 0-119-pound division, Imperial High's Daniel Gamboa captured first in the bench press, with Wally McBride and Frank Pinedo, both of Brawley, rounding out second and third, respectively. In the squat, Brandon Wells of Brawley, McBride and Pinedo took the top three spots, in that order. In the dead lift, Brent Herndon of Brawley, Pinedo and McBride took the top three.

In the 120-129 division, William Torrez (1) of Brawley and Domingo Rodriguez (2) and Carlton Smith (3), both of Imperial High, took the top spots in the bench press. In the squat, it was Smith (1), Rodriguez (2) and Torrez (3). In the dead lift, it was Rodriguez (1), Smith (2) and Torrez (2).

In the 130-139 division, Jon Soto (1), Joseph Olivo (2) and Armando Villalobos (3), all of Brawley, took the bench press. Soto (1), Olivo (2) and Villalobos (3) also took the squat. In the dead lift, it was Soto (1), Adrian Tapia (2) of Brawley and Javier Paredes (3) of Central Union High.

140-149: (bench) Chris Martinez (1) of Southwest High and Jed Cato (2) and Andres Miramontez (3), both of Brawley; (squat) Cato (1) and Brett Whannel (2) and Josh Ochoa (3), both of Brawley; (dead lift) Cato (1), Ryan Marquez (2) of Brawley, Ochoa (3).

150-159: (bench) Bobby Myers (1) of Brawley, Alex Martinez (2) of Holtville High, Zay Shepard (3) of Brawley; (squat) Myers (1), Jon Sabater (2) of Brawley, Shepard (3); (dead lift) Sabater (1), Myers (2), Shepard (3).

160-169: (bench) Bernie Beltran (1) of Central and Ricardo Ledgard (2) and Daniel Martinez (3), both of Brawley; (squat) Beltran (1), Ledgard (2), Martinez (3); (dead lift) Martinez (1), Ledgard (2), Mark Miller (3) of Brawley.

170-179: (bench) Matt Sevilla (1) and Hector Bonesi (2), both of Brawley, Erik Ramirez (3) of Imperial; (squat) Sevilla (1) and Mike Sims (2) and Henry Padilla (3), both of Brawley; (dead lift) Sevilla (1), Carlos Lizarraga (2) of Imperial, George Valenzuela (3) of Central.

180-189: (bench) Max Reyes (1) of Brawley, Eric Vargas (2) of Calexico High, Ethan Schoch (3) of Brawley; (squat) Reyes (1), Mitchell Amidon (2) of Brawley, Chris Ramsey (3) of Calexico; (dead lift) Reyes (1), Enrique Salazar (2) of Imperial, Amidon (3).

190-199: (bench) Joe Martinez (1) of Southwest, Anthony Gonzales (2) of Central, Martin Hernandez (3) of Brawley; (squat) Travis LeBaron (1) and Ezekiel Garcia (2), both of Brawley, Joseph Bustamante (3) of Calexico; (dead lift) LeBaron (1), Leo Ibarra (2) of Brawley, Hernandez (3).

200-209: (bench) Daniel Perez (1) of Brawley, Francisco Olague (2) of Imperial, Ira Reisin (3) of Central; (squat) Perez (1), Danny Zapata (2) of Calexico, Jordan Morita (3) of Central; (dead lift) Perez (1), Ismael Castro (2) of Brawley, Morita (3).

210-219: (bench) Corban Dillon (1) of Central, Adrian Vandiver (2) and Angel Martinez (3), both of Brawley; (squat) Dillon (1), Vandiver (2), Daniel Wise (3) of Imperial; (dead lift) Dillon (1), Shawn Sellers (2) of Brawley, Vandiver (3).

220-229: (bench) Tomas Ibarra (1) of Brawley, Kenny Humes (2) of Imperial, Tommy Bowen (3) of Brawley; (squat) Ibarra (1), Humes (2), Bowen (3); (dead lift) Ibarra (1), Humes (2), Dillon Howington (3) of Brawley.

230-239: (bench) Michael Ramey (1) of Brawley, Jorge Mata (2) of Holtville, Jonathan Macias (3) of Brawley; (squat) Ramey (1), Macias (2), Joe Connelly (3) of Southwest; (dead lift) Ramey (1), Macias (2), Connelly (3).

240-249: (bench) Edgar Gonzalez (1) and Brent Hart (2), both of Central, Joey Gonzalez (3) of Imperial; (squat) Hart (1), Gonzalez (2), Jaime Calzada (3) of Calipatria High; (dead lift) Gonzalez (1), Calzada (2), Hart (3).

250-259: (bench) Adrian Paz (1) of Imperial, Brett Lyerly (2) of Calipatria, Adrian Lizarraga (3) of Calexico; (squat) Paz (1), Lyerly (2), Lizarraga (3); (dead lift) Paz (1), Lyerly (2), Lizarraga (3).

260 and up: (bench) Jacob Carrillo (1) of Brawley, Jesus Pantoja (2) of Imperial, Julio Saldaña (3) of Central; (squat) Saldaña (1), Carrillo (2), Tony Trinidad (3) of Brawley; (dead lift) Carrillo (1), Trinidad (2), Saldaña (3).

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