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Probe: June 3, 2002

June 03, 2002

QUESTION: What can be done to a person who purposely files false child neglect reports to antagonize a person they dislike? This is happening to me.

I have had three reports filed against me with the county Child Protective Services and two visits from CPS to inspect my house and question my children in the past three years. Every year I pass with flying colors.

This is humiliating. I know I am a very good single mother. People who know me also know that.

The CPS worker told me that every report must be investigated. The report is then filed and sealed to maintain confidentiality. I understand all this but the fact remains that this person (an ex in-law) has access to the CPS reports and should be punished for using the system to punish me. — Reported, e-mail

There may be nothing you can do to stop your ex in-law from reporting you to CPS. A few years ago, in a frenzy of concern for children endangered by child abuse, a law was passed to protect people who report suspected child abuse from legal consequences if the report didn't pan out.


You may be a victim of unintended consequences of the law.

On the other hand, we can't rule out that there may be a legal remedy if you can make a case that repeated reports could amount to harassment.

You didn't identify your ex in-law or give us any information backing up your suspicion that your alleged tormentor has access to your sealed reports. If your suspicions are true, CPS should take steps to keep the nosy in-law out of the confidential files. Peeking in sealed files could be illegal or a violation of your rights.

QUESTION: My husband and I are senior citizens. We're looking for witnesses who saw an accident at 3 p.m. April 15 at the intersection of Imperial and Adams avenues. We were at the signal light making a turn to go east on Adams. A truck making the same turn turned wide and hit us.

The truck continued down Adams. Two young people followed and caught the truck at El Centro Motors on Fourth Street. We would like to talk to them and anyone else who may have seen the accident. — Battered, Boulevard

OK, readers, if any of you saw the mishap, call Archie Still at 619-766-0083.

QUESTION: When you write about the adventures of Snoop Doggy, you mention others dogs in your neighborhood. I am looking for an AKC registered poodle, a toy or mini-toy to breed with my apricot.

Would you know anybody interested in a pick of the litter trade for stud service? Maybe your readers can help. My phone number is 353-1717. — Match-maker, El Centro

Arranging dates for poodles is a new low for PROBE. We doubt if Oreo, the chocolate poodle next door, would be interested in a apricot toy poodle, whether it is the poodle's color or name. Snoop Doggy, a terrier mix, likes all females.

QUESTION: Did you enjoy the jazz concert Saturday at Palmer Auditorium? — Music Fan, El Centro

Yes we did!

"In the Mood" takes us back a few years. Groovy.

Jimmie Cannon, director of Valley Jazz and former music director of Central Union High School, was too cool.

It was four hours of music, from "Chattanooga Choo Choo," through "Stompin' at the Savoy," "Tangerine" to "Taking a Chance on Love."

Thank you young people for practicing when you wanted to go play. And thank you music directors for hanging in there for all the sour notes.

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