Voice: Kofford's opinions usually stink, but he's on target on water transfer

June 05, 2002

I have to admit that Bret Kofford's opinion usually stinks. No offense, Bret, that's why we live in this great country; we can agree to disagree. However, his opinion regarding the big water transfer spoke nothing but the truth. Every Imperial Valley resident should be forced to not only read this article but understand the history behind this matter.

It was reported by this newspaper that the "economic impacts of fallowing have been estimated in the millions of dollars and as many as 2,100 local jobs." My heart tells me that it will be much more devastating that 2,100 jobs lost. The potential of land fallowing will not only impact our local growers, no, this devastation will go much, much further.

Let's break this apart. If the farmers are not producing with their land, they will not need employees. They will not need tires for their trucks, twine for their bales or oil for their tractors. Where do these products come from? Locally, they come from small independently owned businesses, like mine, who have been providing for local agriculture for several generations. It all works hand-in-hand.


Now, back to the employees… who will pay their mortgages, buy their groceries and provide for their children? I was told that there will be funds available to train unemployed workers in other trades. That's fine, but this process does not happen overnight.

What happens to the local businesses in the meantime? Where will these newly educated people work once the local businesses close their doors from lack of business?

I have read several opinions lately published in this paper, both for and against the water transfer, yet they seem to be the same voices heard over and over again. People of Imperial Valley, we must stand up on this issue and make our voices heard. Educate yourself and contact your representatives!

On a final note: I want to thank our IID elected officials, especially Bruce Kuhn, for your passion and dedication to the rich history of our valley. I may have used different words, but I commend you for speaking your true thoughts and avoiding the political correct avenue that too many elected officials tend to take. If we had more officials with your enthusiasm, maybe we wouldn't be the politically powerless county that we have become. I understand your jobs include difficult decisions today that will greatly affect our lives tomorrow and my family will continue to include you all in our prayers.



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