Probe: June 6, 2002

June 06, 2002

QUESTION: I have been keeping up with the case of the little San Diego girl who was kidnapped and murdered. Steven Feldman is the defense attorney for David Westerfield, accused of killing 7-year-old Danielle van Dam. Is that the same Feldman who represented Robert Corenevsky in an Imperial County murder trial 20 years ago? — Trial Watcher, Brawley

The same. Corenevsky was acquitted after five years in jail. That half decade was about as tough on the county as on the inmate.

Corenevsky, who claimed he was a CIA agent, was tried for the alleged shooting in the 1980s of a jeweler in a Calexico Motel.

Initially, the district attorney called for the death penalty but backed off when he found out how much that would cost the county.


Although Corenevsky looked healthy enough to wrestle steers, he was a delicate type and maybe a hypochondriac. He ran up thousands of dollars in medical bills for multiple surgeries and had a list of several more on his wish list when the county turned him loose.

When he decided he needed bananas (for the potassium) to supplement his jail diet, Feldman petitioned the court for the fruit. A judge issued a court order for the bananas.

To pick a jury, the county called in 800 potential jurors on one day and rented a downtown movie theater to screen them. When the county auditor-controller, David Titsworth, refused to sign checks for legal expenses the auditor considered excessive, a state judge ordered the auditor jailed.

After a few hours in Imperial County Jail, Titsworth signed the checks.

QUESTION: Will we be able to get the Westerfield trial here? — Trial Watcher, El Centro

You can if you have access to the Court TV channel. We watched it this morning on satellite television.

QUESTION: My 76-year-old father is in a convalescent hospital after suffering two strokes. His wife died three years ago. Before she died — and before he got sick — they took out a home equity loan.

Now that he's sick, he can't make the payments. Is there any way he can protect his home from foreclosure? — Desperate, El Centro

Call Senior Legal Services at 353-0223. It's a program operating under the Area Agency on Aging. Explain that you are calling on behalf of a senior citizen.

The attorneys there may be able to forestall any action while your father is in the hospital. The services are available to any mature person over 60.

LOOKING AGAIN FOR LOST WILDCATS — We also are planning a Brawley Union High School reunion in October. We will have a reunion of four classes, Oct. 11, 12, and 13, at Del Rio Country Club.

Our class — 1954 — sent invitations to everybody we could find, but some we couldn't find. We need help! — Reunion Volunteer, Brawley

OK, if you know where to find any of the following people, get in touch with Sylvia at 344-2334.

Among the lost are: Richard Bailey, Clyde Brumbelow, Joan Carr, Betty Cooke, Joan Crawfoard, Billy Davee, Robert Flanagan, David Freeman, Katherine Frith, Rita Haines and Larry Hughes.

Also Eleanor Miranda, Roger Lucas, Robert Morales, Richard Muzzy, Pete McCaffery, Rachel Plymire, William Riggs, Donald Shans, Henry Shenkman, Rose Young Stephenson, Connie Turner, Hazel Wilkerson, Phyllis Siver Beatty, Doris Workman Freeman, Tom Gallardo and Kenneth Lane.

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