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Voice: This was founded as a Christian natin and should still be

June 07, 2002

This letter is in response to the letter by Lisa Turner printed March 6. Miss Turner spoke of many things including democracy and government.

I would like to point out to her that the founding fathers of this nation were Christian by faith and proclaimed God openly. Two-thirds of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were pastors or laymen in a church. Our American history is full of people who were God-fearing who wanted to do the right things for the advancement of equal rights, such as several abolitionists in the early 1800s who fought for the freedom of slaves and guided some of them to freedom in the northern states and Canada.

Also Abraham Lincoln in the last two years of his presidency professed his faith in God in several speeches he made.

Also in this century we have the example of Martin Luther King Jr., who was a Baptist minister and a truly great leader who because of his faith in God Almighty was able to motivate people to do great things.


Miss Turner does not realize that if not for Christianity this country would not have been founded. It was hunger for worshipping Jesus Christ freely that the first settlers came to this country. In times of great trouble or persecution God has raised up leaders to right the wrongs of society.

As for hate, I hate no one. But it is my duty to point out sin where it is detrimental to our society.

As to the requirements of a good person we get the standard of our behavior in our society based on Judeo-Christian beliefs. George Washington and John Quincy Adams said that democracy would only survive in a Christian nation and they were correct. I believe there is no Muslim nation that has a true democracy in this world, but I could be wrong.

Also I read recently that HBO made a movie about the Matthew Shepard case. I wonder if somebody in the movie business will make a movie about Jesse Dirkhising, the 13-year-old boy who was brutally drugged, tied up, raped and murdered by two homosexual men in Bentonville, Ark.?

In closing I would like to encourage people to read the Bible and also research our American history to find out for themselves how great of a Christian heritage we have. We can't depend on the liberal press to do it.



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