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Voice: No wimps needed in Valley regarding water transfer

June 07, 2002

While floating upon an ocean filled with dissolved salt, Coleridge's "Ancient Mariner" is parched and worries about his fate, "Water, water, everywhere, yet nary a drop to drink."

Recent editorials in the San Diego Union-Tribune state that the Metropolitan Water District is exploiting San Diego County water users and "fallowing is a necessity," by IID to ensure "saving California's water supply." "Legislative reform of MWD" is needed to give a "rightful leadership role" and "equitable water rights and water rates" to San Diego.

This would explain why the San Diego County Water Authority is throwing a pea into the ocean with $50 million to mitigate Imperial County's $1 billion agricultural economy after sucking up Imperial Irrigation District water from the Colorado River — the biggest fish, eating big fish, eating little fish!

If the populations of Southern California coastal counties were reversed with ours, and the water allotments the same, would it still be OK to make Owens Valley look like a dust devil compared to the huge dust storms, devastated lands and economies of Imperial Valley from water loss?


Any IID deal that diverts water from use here is a heist that has lost its veil of fraud by myopic leadership in Sacramento and Washington, leveraged into office because of an apathetic majority that refuses to vote. It is a daylight raid and rape of innocent minorities — as all of us with any loyalty to the County are thus so — despite contrary words mealy-mouthed from local Democratic Party apologist Richard Ryan and obtusely bullfroged by John Benson.

"Five seawater desalination plants that combined could produce nearly 120 million gallons of drinking water a day have been proposed to the MWD," the press release from Metropolitan reads, "by cities and water agencies along the Pacific Coast between San Diego and Los Angeles."

The MWD document continues, "the San Diego County Water Authority proposal seeks to locate a plant … in Carlsbad and would produce 50 million gallons per day, or 56,000 acre-feet per year … Metropolitan offers $250 per acre foot for water."

What is the cost to make seawater potable? "$1,300 per acre-foot," according to the SDCWA's Web site. How many desalination plants are producing water for the coast? None! A math god might divine that the SDCWA would pay more than what MWD is offering — the S.D. Union-Tribune writers know that — and that IID water is cheaper, especially if it can be stolen.

Some leaders in Sacramento and Washington, and wimps here, are like the Ancient Mariner who would kill hope because of inhospitality; "What evil looks had I from old and young; Instead of the cross, the Albatross, about my neck was hung."


El Centro

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