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E.C. man shot by police is charged

June 07, 2002|By MARIO RENTERÍA

Staff Writer

The Imperial County District Attorney's Office has charged a 40-year-old El Centro man shot by police during a scuffle last week with assault on a peace officer and resisting arrest.

The man, Jerome Jordan, remained in El Centro Regional Medical Center recovering from two gunshot wounds, but he was expected to be released today.

Depending on his condition, he was to be booked into the county jail, according to Deputy District Attorney Deborah Owen.

The shooting occurred on May 28 as two patrol officers responded to a call in the 1200 block of Hamilton Avenue shortly before midnight.


A woman had called police stating that a man thought by investigators to be the woman's on-again, off-again boyfriend, Jordan, was trying to get into her apartment.

When officers arrived they found Jordan hiding behind a porch partition. The two officers, whose identities have not been released, ordered Jordan to get up from where he was hiding and to remove the contents of his pockets.

Jordan allegedly did not comply. The officers then used pepper spray on him, but he still would not comply. That is when a scuffle started with Jordan, who is 5 feet 11 inches tall and about 225 pounds.

During the scuffle, Jordan grabbed a police baton from one of the officers and pushed both officers away. Garcia alleged Jordan then moved to attack the officers with the baton, raising it over his head as if to strike them.

At that point one officer opened fire on Jordan, shooting him twice — once in the abdomen and once in the chest. Jordan underwent surgery at ECRMC.

Jordan has had two felony convictions, according to the complaint issued by the DA's Office. Owen said the DA will seek to have the assault on a peace officer charge be Jerome's third strike if he is convicted.

She said a recent law that makes the charge of assault on a peace officer a felony is under the appeals process.

Jordan was on probation at the time of the altercation with police, according to the complaint. Information on what he was on probation for was unavailable this morning.

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>> Staff Writer Darren Simon contributed to this story.

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