U.S. Border Patrol to reopen substation

June 09, 2002

in Calexico area; waiting for key funds


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CALEXICO — The U.S. Border Patrol station on Andrade Avenue soon will be reopened, according to Border Patrol Agent Manuel Figueroa.

The station was closed in 1995 when the Border Patrol opened its new station on Highway 98, just east of Meadows Avenue.

In the years since the old station's closure, the building has been looked after by the General Services Administration, the federal procurement and property management agency.


Just recently, the Border Patrol reacquired the property and submitted a funding request to renovate the station and staff it.

Figueroa said the Border Patrol is reopening the station because the agency has outgrown the new station.

Lately, the Calexico Border Patrol station on Highway 98 has been getting cramped as more people are hired. The existing storage areas are used for new gear, including hovercrafts and off-road vehicles.

As for when the patrol will move into the Andrade Avenue building, Figueroa said, "Eventually."

The timing of the move is uncertain because the patrol has yet to receive the funding.

"The funding could take a month or six months. I know that the request has been put in. We're just waiting for funding," Figueroa said.

That the Border Patrol has plans for the building is news to the Calexico City Council.

At last week's council meeting, Councilman Alex Perrone said the city should try to buy the land or have it donated, so a shop or new Fire Department substation could locate there.

"It was big enough," Perrone said.

The rest of the council supported his plans and City Manager Richard Inman was given direction to write a letter to the General Services Administration to inquire about the land.

Now that the Border Patrol plans to move back into the Andrade station, the council will have to look for another spot nearby for a substation or a shop, Perrone said Friday.

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