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Voice: Where are the true Christians?

June 09, 2002

Bill O'Reilly tells us to build our own no-spin zone. That's impossible because the biggest spin has been in religion. He's not going to tackle that. I am.

Who's right? Catholics or Protestants? Lutherans or Baptists? My grandmother was worried about me because I left the Lutheran Church. Her pastor calmed her by saying there was more than one way to Christ. Yet Billy Graham as grand marshal of the Rose Parade was sticking one finger in the air. It might as well have been his middle finger because he told all those people, walking down the aisle and giving their hearts to the Lord, to go to a church of their choice!

Are you logical? Can two churches, who disagree about what truth is, both be right? And we have thousands of disagreeing churches. Logic has it that one church is right and all the rest are wrong. But God has said that the true church would fall away in the end time (II Thessalonians 2:3). Has your church fallen away? Mine has. You can read about it in the archives of the L.A. Times. ‘Course, the Times doesn't know it's the true church.


You may have heard about the Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong and the Plain Truth magazine. That church received a letter of condolence from President Ronald Reagan when Herbert Armstrong died. The story of the church's first step away from God is found only in one page on the net -

True Christians are now scattered in many splinter churches. Logic would have it that one has to be right. Wrong! That's why God has to send a prophet like Elijah to turn the hearts of God's people to Him by setting things right. Look for him shortly. In the meantime, you have me. And here are four signs for those who might be looking for truth and wanting to create their no-spin zone.

1. The Sabbath is the seventh day, the Fourth Commandment. There are also annual Sabbaths — holy days that God says are His days, not Jewish days (Christmas and Easter are not included), in Leviticus 23.

2. True Christians are hated, persecuted and martyred. That doesn't make for a big church and billions of Christians. Satan has deceived the whole world (Revelations 12:9).

3. True Christians will not fight in wars.

4. True Christians will not go to doctors for healing. They will go to the elders of the church (no church now but you can go to God directly) as God says in James 5:14. Notice, He doesn't mention doctors. My page does because that first step away from God by the true church was in healing.


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