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Without representation, Red Cross office could lose thousands

June 10, 2002|By LAURA MITCHELL

Staff Writer

The local Red Cross office could lose thousands of dollars from the United Way because there is no local representation on the board of the San Diego/Imperial Counties Chapter of the American Red Cross.

United Way allocations committee chairman Mark Schmidt said the Red Cross will still get $2,135 in donor designations but will lose money the United Way has authority to allocate to local agencies. Last year the United Way gave the Red Cross a $9,500 allocation.

"We have been working with Red Cross to find a replacement. We are quite saddened. They provide an important service," Schmidt said.


Designation money comes from donors who want their money to go specifically to a particular agency through the United Way. That amount can't he changed, he said. But allocation money is given at the will of the committee.

Schmidt said the Red Cross has until Tuesday to find a local representative to sit on the Red Cross local board.

Red Cross spokeswoman Sue Irey said the board has been dissolved by the national Red Cross so an appointment Tuesday would not help.

"It is beyond our control locally. We would be very disappointed to lose that funding based on something that's beyond our control," Irey said.

She said a local board will be re-created and an Imperial County representative will definitely be a member.

The United Way will make it's allocation decision Tuesday evening.

The board position has been open for months.

If the Red Cross does not have an appointment by Tuesday, the United Way will give the money to other local agencies, Schmidt said. The Red Cross will have to wait until next year to get allocation money.

Sylvia Preciado, director of the Imperial Valley Red Cross office, confirmed the local agency could lose money from the United Way but stressed it would not stop any local Red Cross services.

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