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Voice: It is people like Schwarz who caused slavery

June 10, 2002

I see where Schwarz has more propaganda in the I.V. Press. He found a pro-slavery platform in the Democratic platform from 1830-1860. Thus, the village idiot surmises Democrats should give reparations to the blacks. Well, let's break this bombshell down and see what explodes.

First we must eliminate all the descendants of people in this country who couldn't vote between 1830-1860.

1) WOMEN — Women made up 50 percent of the population — none could vote because of bigoted Catholic, Protestant and Jewish white men. There go 50 percent of reparations because they had no say in the platform.

2) INDIANS — Isn't it bad enough what we did to them without Schwarz expecting Indian Democrats to pay reparations? I know an old Indian saying. It goes like this: no matter how many white eyes, we kill, the Schwarzes keep coming. Where are the reparations for the Indians? Does Donald really expect the Indians of the Democratic Party to pay reparations?


3) BLACKS — The blacks not only couldn't vote, they had no freedom. Mr. Schwarz, why don't you take your car, and a megaphone, drive down to Harlem and yell, "Hey guys, you owe reparations to yourselves"? Do it, Mr. Schwarz, surely do it.

According to a Prentice Hall American history book, there were approximately 25 million souls living in the United States in those times. Almost 4 million were slaves. After 1860 more people immigrated to the country from Ireland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Mexico and Southeast Asia. Certainly they owe no reparation.

My own mother came from Ireland with her own father shot down by the British. Do the British owe the Irish reparations for 300 years of murder, rape, enslavement and famine?

The English don't think so. Neither do the descendants of any of these ethnic groups owe a penny of reparation because they are members of the Democratic Party.

Who does owe reparation to the blacks?

The plantation owners who utilized slave labor to earn their fruitful profits?

The ship holders who brought them over?

The banks and insurance companies who made millions on slavery after the invention of cotton gin?

I don't know, but I don't believe the descendants of these people, who belong to the Democratic Party, should pay a cent. Let the Republicans pay, let the Schwarzes of this country pay, because its people who act and think like them that caused American slavery in the first place.


El Centro

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