Probe: June 10, 2002

June 10, 2002

QUESTION: I had to break up with my girlfriend because she won't marry me. She doesn't want to get married because she's on welfare. Her monthly check, free housing, Medi-Cal and other benefits add up to $40,000 a year.

She won't marry me because she doesn't want to give up her welfare benefits. Why is the government giving women so much money they would rather have welfare than husbands? — Jilted, No Address

Quit while you are ahead. Your girlfriend's welfare benefits do not add up to $40,000 a year unless she has an awful lot of kids.

We have known women who dumped husbands in favor of welfare but not because welfare paid better. Welfare was more dependable than their husbands.


However, your girlfriend may be letting you down easy. She doesn't want to marry you and she's trying to spare your feelings.

QUESTION: I am Betty Pruitt. In 1972 I was Miss Imperial Valley, the only black woman ever to hold the title. Somebody broke into my mother's house and stole my crown. Is there any way to make the thief return my crown? — Uncrowned, Fremont

The only way you can make a thief return an item is to identify the thief and prove he has your property. At that point you can call the police or sue him for the return of your crown.

There's always the chance the thief may take pity on you and voluntarily give back the crown, or he may have sold or given it to someone who may give it back.

OK, PROBE readers, if you have Miss Pruitt's crown and want to give it back, you can call her at (510) 531-7366 or call us at 337-3439.

BEST CARNE ASADA — The billboard advertising Kennedy's carne asada is not misleading. The Heber market has been picked many times as having the best carne in the Imperial Valley. The latest people to choose Kennedy's were Imperial Valley Press readers. That was reported in your recent "best of everything" edition. — Expert Taster, El Centro

Thank you for reminding us.

QUESTION: What's up with Burgers & Beer? The Health Department made the restaurant get rid of the trays with its fixin's for the burgers. My family has been eating there since it opened years ago and never had a problem. Burgers & Beer has always been clean and safe. Otherwise I wouldn't take my kids there.

The Health Department needs to quit being so picky and go after places that really need to be watched. — No Pickled Carrots, El Centro

When the health inspectors took another look at the health code, they had to insist that the relish and condiment trays go. If you serve a dish to a table, you have to throw it away when you clear the table.

The same rules apply to bowls of hot sauce, but it would not surprise us if we found some restaurants either leaving the bowls on the table or bringing them out again.

Some restaurants get around the waste of good salsa by setting up salsa bars. Diners fill tiny plastic bowls with salsa and take it back to their tables.

Other places charge for salsa and chips to pay for the waste.

Burgers & Beer could follow the lead of Mexicali Tacos and set up a salsa and condiment bar.

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