Valley swimmer scores in A/B/C meet

June 11, 2002|By ERIC GALVAN

Sports Writer

Heading into the South Bay Aquatics A/B/C swim meet in National City last weekend, Imperial Valley Desert Aquatics' swimmer Kristi Emanuel didn't expect much.

Having swum at the same pool at other meets and having not fared as well as she would've liked, the 12-year-old figured she would leave with similar results.

Emanuel, however, swam to a win in the 200-meter individual medley in the girls 11-12-year-old B division, winning in 3 minutes, 1.02 seconds.


She also took second in the B 100 backstroke in 1:29.25, sixth in the B 100 freestyle (1:16.20) and 10th in the A 50 butterfly in 36.74.

"I was really surprised with how I ended up doing just because I didn't expect to do that well," said Emanuel, of Calipatria. "I've done pretty good throughout the year at different meets, but out there I just haven't done really good."

Having swum competitively for six years, one would think Emanuel is used to taking on stiff competition, but butterflies still gather in her stomach before meets.

"Like at this meet, I got really nervous. Even though I've been swimming this long, I'm still not used to it. I still get nervous before races," said Emanuel.

When she starts a race, Emanuel says, she is able to block distractions and focus on the task at hand.

It is that focus and determination to win that Emanuel thinks was a big part in her performances at the South Bay Aquatics meet.

"I really do think that was a big reason that I was able to do really good. I was just focusing out there," said Emanuel. "When I'm out there I don't worry about what other people are doing. Sure, I like to know that I'm ahead of them. But other than that, I don't worry about them. I just focus on my own race."


Kacie Rodvil, Imperial Valley Desert Aquatics, finished second in the girls 9-10-year-old B 200-meter butterfly, fourth in the B 200 individual medley, fifth in the B 100 freestyle, sixth in the A 100 butterfly and eighth in the A 50 butterfly at the South Bay Aquatics A/B/C swim meet in National City last weekend.

Julia Hannon, Imperial Valley Desert Aquatics, took fifth in the A 50-meter breaststroke at the South Bay Aquatics A/B/C swim meet in National City last weekend.

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