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Voice: What really needs a cover-up is not midriffs but Kofford's bald head

June 11, 2002

I really like the fact that public opinions are given. Most of the time they are issues that affect our everyday lives, from the Imperial Irrigation District to unemployment in the Valley to immigration laws.

The fact that Bret believes fat women should wear clothes that fit them, and not ones that "show their guts" is a degree of fact that was probably published in "Nazi Weekly" in World War II.

That's right up there with "Bald columnists shouldn't have their pictures published in articles they write."

Sure, it's fine for some female who weighs 140 pounds. to wear a midriff shirt, but if the girl weighs over 200, that's just sickening to the stomach, isn't it, Bret?

Well, when you start to tell people what they can and can't wear, where do you draw the line? You can't eat at this restaurant because you're black? You can't live somewhere because you're Jewish? Because you're Japanese-American, and Pearl Harbor was just bombed, we're going to put you in concentration camps?


True, that's a far cry from having to "look at a gut," but at the same time, the second that you give thought to ideas like that, where does the criticism stop? Where would you draw the line? When do you stop? Look at yourself, and say, "You know, this is wrong?"

You don't. You stay in that path until you realize you're back at the point before civil rights and back to "Jim Crow laws."

The media in general wraps itself in a veil of protection behind the "freedom of the press." You use a law that was meant to protect citizens from an unjust government, to judge people on a superficial level.

Do people in wheelchairs bother you, too? If that's the fact let's take the thousands of veterans who lost a part of them for our freedom and ban them because they get in our way. Let's make the cancer patients who are dying from treatment take off their wigs because they can't grow real hair.

When you say what people can and can't wear, because of the way they look, you're saying let's take everyone that offends me and hide them so they don't remind us of the quasi-mottoes we have in this country.

I guess you accomplished your real goals with that opinion. You made an upset reader respond to the column to sell a few more copies. The great thing about this nation, is each person is entitled to their own views. I just hope that is a freedom we don't destroy by taking advantage of it.


El Centro

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