Voice: Cox should know fallowing will suck life's blood from Valley

June 12, 2002

Former Imperial Irrigation District Director Don Cox in his latest-greatest-fatalist paean to fallowing published in "Voice of the People," must mean that one can reasonably bargain with terrorists by saying that shipping water to the coast is "keeping the wolf out of our living room."

Let's see. San Diego said it. Gov. Davis said it. Sen. Feinstein said it. Now, again and still, Don Cox says it: "fallowing is the only way left to generate some water without generating a bunch of lawsuits and environmental problems."

Logic like Mr. Cox's is flawed. Transfusing blood to a donor reduces a renewable resource — it will grow back. Sucking water out of the Colorado River and sending it to the Pacific coast depletes the Valley's life and feeds a growing vampire for water — and there is nothing renewable about water. Water is like Mark Twain said about land, "They are not making any more of it."


The issue is recycling and desalination by sewage and water treatment plants among the 17 million coasters residing in the land of the lotus eaters who imbibe at the Metropolitan and San Diego County water agencies' fountains.

Don Cox thinks that we can dodge a bullet by surrendering to economic and ecological terrorists like Gov. Davis, Sen. Feinstein and their pantheon of henchmen whose panoply is "Might Makes Right."

"Regulators won't come down as hard on somebody who is trying to cooperate," is Mr. Cox's excuse for cowardice in the face of governmental confiscation of property without due process. His quid pro quo concept of "fair compensation" is a three-year program with 25 percent of the money to mitigate third-party impacts and to "get some money to the farmers to help pay off their transfer debt."

That means 75 percent to fallowers. Hey Bass Brothers, et. al., don't grow plants — don't buy water from IID — get paid money to do nothing with your farm ground. Sound like the ultimate corporate welfare scam? You betcha. Meanwhile, those without farmland: Fold, because you have no cards to play.

Thankfully Mr. Cox no longer sits on the IID Board of Directors. But he was seated when a blatant violation of fiduciary responsibility was foisted upon residents, citizens, merchants, landless farmers and voters by IID entering into agreements with SDCWA and MWD.

Question: what kind of legal representation is IID listening to when more gets done by IID Director Bruce Kuhn's righteous anger than by Horton, Knox, Carter and Foote's foot-dragging?


El Centro

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