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Voice: Anti-firearms people don't have the sense God gave a rock

June 16, 2002

To state Sen. Don Perata, D-Oakland:

OK, 5 cents a bullet. Then how about 10 cents per ounce of every alcohol-related beverage, bottled, caned or on tap? How about a $5 sales tax on every knife, screwdriver hammer baseball bat? A $500 sales tax on every motor vehicle? All of these can put people in hospital emergency rooms.

Are all anti-firearm people so blind to the facts, the truth, that knives, cars, alcohol and bullets don't kill people, people kill people? That's the bottom line truth of the matter.

How about a first-in-the-nation? Let's hold the person totally responsible for his or her actions, not what they use to kill or harm.


I don't know any other way to be fair to the rest of us.

Sometimes anti-firearms people don't have the common sense God gave a rock.



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