Voice: It's the off-roaders who are telling the lies

June 17, 2002

Well, it's a little unfortunate that the I.V. Press Online doesn't come with a soundtrack to provide an accompanying calliope for Mr. Mobley's Barnum & Bailey fantasies about environmentalists and the Imperial Sand Dunes (I can imagine that the rubber nose must be a good safeguard against sunburn, but how do you get those huge shoes on the gas pedal inside a dune buggy?).

It seems there's just no reasoning with someone who just doesn't give a damn about the truth. You want to rant and rave to your self-righteous and greedy choir about how the dunes belong to YOU and the hell with everybody else? Well, if that's your pacifier, go ahead and suck on it, Chuck.

When you say we environmentalists awoke a sleeping giant, you were wrong on both counts: you never woke up and, clearly, rightist ideological fanatics such as you are only mental dwarves among more responsible people who seek a compromising and reasoned solution to the situation in the dunes.


Are you listening, Chuck? (I know, I know, that pacifier sho' tastes good!) Here's a tip: you abdicated any credibility and integrity for your position by pretending to move millions (yes, it's true: millions!) of conscientious Americans into a classification of un-American and communistic (I can easily visualize the photo of Sen. Joseph McCarthy you must have hanging on your bedroom wall). You so readily accuse others of lies and deceit when it is SO evident to everyone that you have no ethical problem with dispensing lies like free candy on Halloween. Only you ain't handing out treats of truth; you're handing out tricks of absolutely unfounded BS.

Who do you think you're trying to con? I guess that your position on the issues is so indefensible that that's all you have. You babble on like you know the minds of environmentalists intimately, as if you know me personally, when it's clear you don't even know who you are.

The I.V. Press is a forum for you to apparently assuage a traumatic childhood and project your repressed fears onto environmentalists who merely aim to protect some good things for ALL people for ALL time.

The free press is a beautiful thing but it is not my intention, nor I believe the intention of other environmentalists, to indulge in or lend credibility to this kind of pathetic and insolent diatribe: it does not move us any closer to a solution. I have no problem engaging in constructive discussions through this forum, a public hearing, or other means; but I have no desire, now or ever, to continue to perpetuate what has become a game of insults that does not truly reflect the issues or the characters of most of those on either side.

So, go ahead, Chuck. take your best shot: I'm through responding to nonsense.

I say "public lands" means that "everybody" owns the land and "everybody" has an equal right within the law and within some measure of ethical decency to influence how those lands should be used.


La Mesa

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