Probe: June 17, 2002

June 17, 2002

QUESTION: What's it going to take to improve La Brucherie Road between Adams Avenue and Ira Aten Road? Someone is going to get killed! I see big lawsuits! — Commuter, Imperial

You didn't give us an address so we made an educated guess you live in Imperial, nor did you tell us what's wrong with La Brucherie in that area.

We are guessing you are referring to the road's narrowing from four to two lanes as it runs into the Imperial city limits. What it is going to take to widen that stretch of roadway is money, quite a bit of it.

Six years ago, El Centro, Imperial County and the city of Imperial planned a cooperative project to widen the road to Aten Road, the northern city limits of Imperial. Imperial Irrigation District agreed to bury the ditch along the widening project


When the project began, Imperial bailed out, or more politely, "decided not to participate."

Mark Gran, a member of the Imperial City Council, recalls, "When IID got ready to cover the ditch, Imperial didn't have any money. I guess it's going to cost us a lot more to do it now.

"If it had come up for a vote, I would have voted to do it and tried to get the money somewhere."

With more housing developments coming in, Imperial needs a wider La Brucherie, Gran said. He said the city is trying to find the money now but many sources have dried up.

"We may be able to use some gasoline tax money and general fund money," he said.

IID's earlier offer to bury the ditch may not be immediately available again.

"We have heard IID has all its money for such projects earmarked for the next 10 years," Gran said.

NOT A VALUABLE LEARNING TOOL — The reason the senior project is in only two schools and implemented by the same educator at both schools is most educators know it only looks good in theory. In practice it is almost never a valuable learning tool. Everything that its supporters claim can be better taught day to day in the classroom. — Not Impressed, No Address

No school leader said completion of the senior project could be as valuable as a year of high school or even a year in junior college. We said that.

We believe it. The senior project requires initiative and planning and working with other adults, often professional adults. Several years ago a Calexico student took on a music project and formed a jazz band that still performs.

We are full of admiration for the senior project because it encourages students to take on a project in the real world and complete it. Our concern is the project is not just beyond ability of some youngsters, it's beyond their resources.

For that reason we think the senior project might be better preserved as an elective for those students who want to take it on.

COWS AREN'T GUYS — Did you see the Arizona Milk Council's commercial for 1 and 2 percent milk? It has a guy dressed in a Holstein cow costume. He even has a fake udder fastened to his stomach down around his pelvis.

Something is chasing this phony Holstein, so he runs into the milking barn, into a milking stanchion between two real cows. Don't those Arizona people know that cows are not guys and a guy wearing a fake udder just ain't normal? — Real Cowman, rural El Centro

Those Arizona folks were making a little joke. But as Mollie might have said to Fibber, "It ain't funny, McGee."

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