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PETA calling off the dogs at Calexico shelter

June 18, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE

Staff Writer

CALEXICO — People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has just removed an "action alert" from its Web site regarding the Calexico animal shelter.

Calexico Mayor John Renison said this morning he received an e-mail from PETA spokeswoman Daphna Nachminovitch on Monday that said PETA, a Norfolk, Va.-based non-profit group that aims to protect each and every species of animal from abuse, was happy with the changes at the Calexico shelter.

The changes include the hiring of a new person with a veterinary degree to staff the shelter. In addition, the shelter's phone number and address will be posted in the phone book and the City Council will increase its vigilance.


Renison said the council will receive a monthly report from the Police Department regarding conditions at the shelter.

A few weeks ago PETA posted an action alert on its Web site,, to let its 750,000 or so members know about what the alert called "deplorable" conditions at the Calexico animal shelter.

The alert pointed out that automatic food dispensers at the shelter were broken and dead animals in plastic bags were left along the shelter's fencing to "bake in the hot sun," among other concerns.

At the end of the alert, PETA published the contact information for City Manager Richard Inman and Calexico police Lt. Jim Neujahr.

In the past few weeks, Calexico's Police Department and City Hall have been bombarded with hundreds of calls, faxes and e-mails regarding the shelter.

Neujahr and Inman said some of the changes, such as the hiring of a new person to man the shelter, were not motivated by PETA but Neujahr did note it was nice of PETA to notice the shelter was not listed in the phone book. He said he will address that oversight.

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