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June 21, 2002|By AL KALIN, Staff Columnist

Great fishing continued this past week at key points on the south end of the Salton Sea.

Early this week fishermen did well at the end of Lack Road casting wild eye shad, swim baits and mogambo grubs. Fish from 11 to 16 pounds hit best early in the morning.

During the hot bite pelicans could be seen diving on small bait fish. It was unknown if these were tilapia or croaker. However fisherman are now starting to catch croaker from the south end of the Salton Sea.

So far no tilapia are being taken and concern grows as fishermen wonder if they died off during this past winter when the water temperature dropped below 49 degrees Fahrenheit for a week.


Tuesday morning Allen Martin from Westmorland reported more than 25 large corvina caught from the end of Lack Road by fishermen casting wild eye shad in the mullet pattern. Martin hooked six of the large corvina but was only able to land two of them.

"The big corvina were swallowing the lures all the way down and cutting the fishing line with their teeth," Martin said. "I finally retied with a steel leader and was able to land two of the monsters before the bite quit."

Salton Sea fishing guides continue to do well at the northwest end of the Salton Sea, but fishermen from shore have been challenged by green tides along the shoreline.

If you would like to hire a guide for a day of fishing, three are now working from the north end of the Salton Sea. They are Ray Garnett at 395-5883, Richard Ordonez at 395-5755 and Penn's Guide Service at 561-0043.

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