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Voice: Be a little more selective in chosing your Spanish heritage

June 21, 2002

Here we go again with some more tired propaganda tactics as shown in "Islam attracting more Hispanics (being fed a line of BS by using their) of Moorish heritage" as was written in The Associated Press article that appeared on the front page of your June 17 newspaper.

This small fragment of Spanish history may certainly make for a convincing Islamic recruitment tool to confused young men, but let's really look at the entire Spanish heritage, shall we? Not just what we are being selectively fed.

Neanderthal man roamed Spain 20,000 years ago. Should we be expected to practice this heritage and act like the Neanderthals? Homo sapiens' cavemen drew wonderful pictures on cave walls 15,000 years ago, and I must admit that there are some local graffiti artists that still do this till this present day. It must be a strong heritage thing!

The Algarian farming culture was established around 2000 B.C. The Algaraks are believed to have been a previous cattle grazing tribe, turned farmer, known as a great western force whose god was called "Torak" and who are said to have constantly warred with the eastern forces. They also developed metallurgical skills working with gold, silver and bronze.


At 1000 BC the Tartessians, perhaps of Norse descent, landed and developed a trading culture in Spain and settled there. Little is known except this was a mythical culture, and that they traded with the Phoenician colonies and created beautiful artifacts. With their settlement began regular trade with the Greek and later Roman traders. This opened up trade on the Spanish peninsula. Around 218 B.C., Rome extended its rule over and including the peninsula. The Celtic people migrated down through the Pyrenees in the eighth and ninth centuries B.C. (Ever wonder where that beautiful red hair may have come from?) Should we adapt the heritage of the ancient Celts?

In the fifth century A.D. Germanic tribes invaded and became dominant over the entire Spanish peninsula, establishing kingdoms and accepting Christianity in the early seventh century. Shortly after, the Muslims descended upon Spain and conquered it. This began a series of battles dividing Spain between these two religious factions until finally during the reign of Queen Isabella. What a woman! The Muslims were expelled!

The very last Moorish (Muslim) kingdom, Granada, was reconquered in 1492. You know, the same year Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and found America. And why did he look for this new trade route? Because the pillaging, raping and marauding bands in the Middle East were far too dangerious, radical and extreme to continue to make land journeys. Sounds kind of familiar, doesn't it?

Here's quite a bit more Spanish heritage to pick from if that is what is being attempted to be fed to us, and if this is what some people would like to chose to do. My question is: Of all the various heritages and religions to chose from in this Spanish history, why settle for the Muslim's Islam? Here a few other choices for you. That's what American democracy is all about — freely making your own choices!


Toledo, Ohio (snowbird)

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