Ayalas still accepting Oaxaca travelers

June 21, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE

Staff Writer

CALEXICO — Reynaldo and Marta Ayala said there is still time to sign up for their upcoming trip to Oaxaca.

On July 30, the Ayalas and 23 fellow world-travelers will leave Mexicali on a flight to Mexico City. After touching down in the Mexican capital the group will head to Oaxaca, where they'll explore ruins, interact with locals and take tours of some of the unique markets located there, including the hidden spots where world-famous weavers ply their goods.

The group plans to return to the Valley on Aug. 10.

So far 13 people have signed up to join the Ayalas on their trip.

"Marta and I, we are 15 and we need 10 more," Reynaldo Ayala said Thursday.

If past trips are any indication, those who accompany the Ayalas will be in for quite a vacation.

The Ayalas are both educators at San Diego State University-Imperial Valley campus and frequent travelers to Mexico.


Since 1973 they have made sojourns to Mexico and found adventure each time, "but always within reason," Reynaldo Ayala said.

During some of the trips to Mexico the Ayalas took with groups of students, their group was invited to eat taquitos made of worm, salad featuring ants and monkey taquitos.

"Those were the extremes," he laughed.

For those who don't fancy a "Fear Factor" experience, there will be plenty of sublime moments Ayala guarantees.

During a past trip, the Ayalas and their friends came upon a farmer plowing his land.

After a bit of conversation, Ayala was able to convince the farmer to let his group take their turns at the plow and try it themselves.

Ayala said he hopes for his trips to be "intimate and hands on."

He and his wife plan to act as "interpreters" for the 23 people who accompany them on the trip but not guides.

And if you're not up for an adventure, Ayala has this advice: "My answer to that? Don't go. What I ask people, is to leave your fears at home, your prejudices at home, your sense of comparison at home. Go and absorb it all. If you don't do that you are going to be unhappy."

For those who think that sounds like a life-changing and invigorating trip, call the Ayalas at 357-6307.

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