By Andrez S. Montiel, 4-H adviser, University of California-Imperial County Cooperative Extension

June 21, 2002

The 4-H state ambassador program is a working honor that provides 4-H members expanded opportunities to serve the 4-H program. State ambassador is the highest service opportunity and recognition attainable in the California 4-H Development Program. State ambassadors (formally known as Diamond Stars) will function in the following matter:

- Support various local, sectional, regional and statewide programs and activities, including public presentations, leadership development opportunities and community service.

- Support the mission of direction of the California 4-H program.

- Assist in the introduction of innovative programming.

- Provide leadership in the development of Statewide Leadership Conference.

- Recognize and reward outstanding accomplishments within the areas of leadership through education and service.

4-H state ambassadors refer to youth who have excelled in the areas of leadership and community service and have been selected to serve the California State 4-H Programs in roles that promote leadership through education and service.


Two 4-H youths from El Centro have been selected to participate in the highest rank that can be achieved in California. Patricia Montiel and Kelly Bishop now hold that honor. Both girls are from El Centro, one from the Jasper 4-H and the other from the Mount Signal 4-H club.

Kelly M. Bishop, 16, is a sophomore at Southwest High School in El Centro and a 2001-02 Imperial County All Star. Kelly comes from a model 4-H family. Her mother, Shawna Bishop, is the community leader for the Mount Signal 4-H club and her father, Steve, is a 4-H leader. Her brother Garrett is a past All Star and also active in the 4-H program, state and national levels.

Kelly's achievement and 4-H activities include: Imperial County 4-H All Star; Southern Section 4-H teen council secretary; second alternate, Southern Section 4-H youth representative; Imperial County 4-H youth representative; 2000 Imperial County 4-H California Focus delegate and citizenship scholarship recipient; 2001 4-H state leadership conference delegate; 2001-02 4-H Teen Involvement Conference; Mount Signal 4-H club's newly elected president and current vice president. Her past offices with Mount Signal 4-H include secretary, treasurer, reporter, phone captain and sergeant-at-arms, junior/teen leader of projects (four years) and Holstein feeder calves member (eight years).

Kelly's other 4-H awards include 1998 Imperial County junior achievement award; 2001 Imperial County senior achievement award; county winner in dairy goats (three years), feeder calves, community pride, treasurer and reporter officer books. Her 4-H presentation and speaking awards include county, six years; regional, six years, state presentation at California State Fair, three years; and state presentation day silver medalist.

She has been chairwoman of many committees including Adopt-A-Road for seven years; California Focus plan of action — roadside tire roundup II, club event committees; member of Imperial County 4-H High 4-H steering committee; 2001 American Cancer Society's "Relay For Life" for two years; participant in American Cancer Society's "Strides Against Cancer" for five years and participation in "La Tour de Manure."

Kelly's many community service activities include canned food drives, book, toy and clothing drives for eight years.

Her school activities and achievements include being a recipient of the highest honor awards in scholastics in 2000-02 and she also is a recipient of an academic letter. She is active in FFA and has just been elected president of the El Centro FFA.

Kelly runs track and was a member of the 2001 Southwest High School Imperial Valley League Championship Team. In her spare time, she is owner/operator of the Dessert Pride Dairy Goats, a registered Toggenburg dairy herd.

Patricia Montiel is a 17-year-old junior from Central Union High School in El Centro. Patricia was born into the 4-H program. She is the daughter of Andrez and Rebecca Montiel. Patricia's father is the 4-H development adviser for the county of Imperial. Her mother, Rebecca Montiel, is the community leader for the Jasper 4-H Club. Her brother, Javier, was also active in 4-H. Ever since she can remember, Patricia has attended 4-H activities. She was Jasper's 4-H Club's first registered "mini" member and now she is the first ambassador from that club. Ever since she can remember she has wanted to be a Diamond Star and was disappointed when the name was changed to the 4-H ambassador team.

Patricia's 4-H achievements include: Imperial County All Star; Imperial County alternate youth representative; 2001 Imperial 4-H California Focus delegate and citizenship scholarship recipient; 2001 4-H state leadership delegate; 2001 4-H teen involvement conference.

She is president of the Jasper 4-H Club and her past offices include president, vice president, sergeant-at-arms, treasurer, secretary, phone captain junior/teen project leader (five years).

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