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Voice: Our planet Earth was created by God

June 22, 2002

Scientists just found a solar system like ours with a planet like Jupiter in it — the missing link! But the day they exchanged God for chance, scientists became fools. I I I I I I I I (typographical error or ego?) have no respect for opinions or those giving them. Just give me the truth.

The first sentence of The Book (you know the one — the world's best-seller) gives you a hint. "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the Earth." We have the universe on one hand and the Earth on the other. That means the Earth is pretty important.

Now does God mention "55 Cnc d" (the planet like Jupiter, whose star is 55 Cancri) or the Earth in the next sentence? The Earth is what God is concerned about. He put life here. Jesus Christ will come here shortly and God the Father will come here 1,000 years after Jesus.


In the second verse God said the Earth became a mess. He didn't create it that way. God doesn't mess up. The angels shouted for joy because of a perfect creation (Job 38). Satan and his demons (one-third of the angels) rebelled against God and left the Earth (their home) to take over God's throne. They didn't get far and the real "Star Wars" is written all over our solar system on pockmarked planets. Jesus said he beheld Satan fall to earth like lightning.

So Genesis 1 is a rebuilding of the earth. It took place about 6,000 years ago. But the earth could have been created 4 billion years ago.

Let's talk about some time-honored myths. The Big Bang. Ever seen anything good come from an explosion? Why would two big super-stars have to hit each other? There's so much more space than mass out there. For two to hit monkeys would have to type all Shakespeare's works.

Same thing for life to come from non-life and evolve. An animal brain could not develop into a human brain; to which some people have responded that animals think. To which I respond have animals harnessed the atom, composed "Moonlight Sonata," and played basketball like Michael Jordan?

We have something animal brains don't have and it's not physical. It's called the spirit in man that gives us the power of thought. This spirit is not immortal. Why is there a resurrection and judgment if we go to our reward when we die? God says we are mortal and must put on immortality at a resurrection.

God has also said that those who say there is no God are without excuse. Just look at the heavens, the awesome universe! Something does not come from nothing. A gigantic universe means a gigantic God and puny scientists.

So are we alone? In the universe we are. But God is outside the universe on his throne with two-thirds of the angels. We are not alone on this earth because Satan and his demons are the real aliens amongst us. They aren't just throwing toothbrushes around rooms to scare us. They rule. But not for long.


Lucerne Valley

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