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Voice: Environmentalist attack on off-roader funny but baseless

June 22, 2002

Mr. Brewster's personal attack on Mr. Mobley has certainly proved the point many off-highway vehicle enthusiasts have been trying to make for some time: That the anti-recreationists don't have facts, science, data or even common sense to support their position and therefore must rely upon lies, innuendo and propaganda.

In this case, Mr. Brewster has amply proven that, while he certainly does know a lot of $5 words, he is unable to actually face the issues at hand and must instead resort to personal attacks. His sarcasm and wit are commendable; he may indeed have a promising career as a standup comedian. But I certainly hope he does not hold himself high as a representative for his "people" because that would bring them down to a whole new level.

I would like to thank Mr. Brewster for this statement: "I say ‘public lands' means that ‘everybody' owns the land and ‘everybody' has an equal right within the law and within some measure of ethical decency to influence how those lands should be used." This statement is absolutely correct and precisely what the OHV community has been fighting for.


In the case at hand those public lands include the glorious Glamis dunes and thank goodness the OHV community is finally having some influence as to how those lands should be used.


Member of Duners Undoing

Needless Environmental



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