If not Target, maybe Kohl's for Calexico

June 24, 2002|By AARON CLAVERIE

Staff Writer

CALEXICO — If Minneapolis-based Target Corp. doesn't build a Target or a Mervyn's in this city's Crossroads Plaza, the project manager of the under-construction shopping center at highways 111 and 98 hopes to lure Kohl's or another such general merchandise retailer to Calexico.

Crossroads project manager Kris Hoffman said there is plenty of space at the plaza, one 78,000-square-feet pad in particular, that could be utilized by Wisconsin-based Kohl's.

Right now the only two companies who have committed to building on the site of the old FedMart are Food 4 Less, a supermarket chain owned by Cincinnati-based Kroger Co., and Carl's Jr., the Anaheim-based fast-food chain.


For awhile there was talk of a Target or a Mervyn's being built at Crossroads.

Hoffman said Friday, "Target is going to wait."

A Target spokeswoman said this morning, "Target doesn't comment on possible new stores until about five months prior to opening."

Target Corp. operates Target, Mervyn's and Marshall Field's stores.

In lieu of a commitment from Target, construction is ongoing.

Hoffman said that in the next 4-6 weeks, big crushers will be working on the old FedMart site, smashing the parking lot into finely crushed rock that will serve as the base for the new shopping center.

After everything is crushed, the land will be graded and building pads will be created.

Toward the end of August or September, Hoffman hopes to see construction of the Food 4 Less and Carl's Jr. begin with grand openings scheduled for spring 2003.

Hoffman said Food 4 Less will be a welcome addition to Calexico because it will offer a service that the city doesn't have.

Food 4 Less allows customers to bag their own groceries, cutting manpower costs. In doing so, Food 4 Less is able to offer bulk goods at low prices, according to its public relations department.

Kohl's is building a distribution center in San Bernardino County and planning to open stores in San Diego County. There has been no public announcement regarding the company's Imperial County plans yet.

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