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Voice: IID directors costing us jobs

Jesse Silva taking our money

June 27, 2002

A job at the Imperial Irrigation District is valued at over $1 million if an employee starts at the age of 30 and retires at 60 and receives over $40,000 a year.

They are valuable jobs and should belong to Valley residents.

We have the IID walking around like a prostitute with a for sale sign on its back, offering to give away decent jobs to outside contractors that at one time would be given to our youth.

Among the three directors who voted to give away $50,000-a-year jobs is Lloyd Allen.

Lloyd Allen is 76 years old. You would believe at his age he would have more compassion for the youth of the Valley but instead he's only interested in sticking another dollar in his pocket.

Then you have Andy Horne, who speaks many words but contradicts them with his actions.

The third director who voted to give away our jobs is Stella Mendoza.


Stella is receiving many honors from Hispanic groups for being a director.

How could a Hispanic like herself be willing to take jobs away from the Hispanic community? What happened to you? Now that you live on the west side of town, have you forgotten those who live in the east side of town?

Dolores Provencio is taking away our votes and Stella is taking away our jobs. Excuses used by the directors to justify giving jobs to Irby and Asplundh are some of the employees from these companies are local. Very few of them originate from the Valley or Coachella.

Another excuse is these companies are cheaper. Irby and Asplundh are being paid $90 for each hour of work done by their employees. The cost of an IID employee is less then $40 an hour.

IID can't find qualified people. IID used to train individuals to perform these jobs.

The ones benefiting are Jesse Silva, the general manager of IID, and his management team. By giving work to outside contractors, it means less work for them; less employees, less responsibilities.

Jesse makes $200,000 a year and his managers make $100,000 a year. To make their lives easier we the public are paying out over $4 million a year to pay for consultants and outside contractors. Jesse and his management team are not earning their wages. Their laziness is costing us money. We shouldn't provide them with expensive welfare.



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