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Favorite books

June 27, 2002

CALEXICO — Frida Macedo's favorite book, as of Wednesday, is "The Best Halloween of All" by Susan Wojciechowski.

The children's book tells the story of a little boy … well, it would be more fun to let Frida explain.

Frida is an 8-year-old who participated in the Camarena Memorial Library's summer reading program Wednesday.

Here's her report:

"His mom got him a costume but he got the worst," she said.

The cover illustration on the book's front cover shows a boy dressed as a bunch of grapes. That costume was quite embarrassing for the little boy, according to Frida, but then, "He made his own costume. He was a robot."

The boy made his robot costume by coloring a paper sack and putting it on his head, she said.

As for Frida's best Halloween of all, it had to be when she was 6, no, 7, she remembered.

She was dressed as a fairy, no, wait, a vampire. Yeah, a vampire.


Frida says she didn't bite anyone or turn into a bat.

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