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Thank You: San Pasqual trustees offer thanks after tragedy

June 28, 2002

On June 10 we suffered a tragic accident which resulted in the death of a valued employee, Jim Headington. We are saddened by his death and we are very thankful that the 23 students who were injured were not seriously injured and that they were treated at the Yuma Regional Medical Center and released later that evening.

We wish to publicly thank the many agencies who responded, for their professional performance under extreme circumstances. These include the first responders — our Imperial County Sheriff's Office deputies, the Quechan Tribal Police, the California Highway Patrol, Rural Metro, Yuma Regional Medical Center and all the supplemental emergency services including emergency medical support personnel and vehicles who came as far as from Brawley.

Your actions and presence provided proper care and your empathy with the injured students, the uninjured but frightened students, the concerned parents and staff kept the mishap from becoming a catastrophe.


The board members who were waiting in the cafeteria and who visited in the hospital reported they were impressed with the caring comfort provided by all our employees in the district, who simply stayed with the students and gave their warmth and understanding to students, parents, other concerned friends and relatives.

Just a small example of this was when one of the last of the injured students, who was released from treatment, was walking toward the door of the hospital. He stopped and asked to see Jim. When he was told that Jim had died, he reacted to that, and a teacher simply held him and comforted him until he was ready to join his family and leave the hospital.

We are blessed, that under terrible circumstances that we came together and, collectively, helped those in need.

The Board of Trustees thanks you.



Board of Trustees

San Pasqual Valley Unified

School District


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