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Quantification agreement details

June 30, 2002

What is in the agricultural quantification settlement agreement?


· a 35-year extension of the 1988 Imperial Irrigation District/Metropolitan Water District of Southern California water conservation agreement for 110,000 acre-feet yearly.

· a 1989 modification agreement to the above, wherein 20,000 acre-feet could go to the Coachella Valley Water District during shortages.

· the transfer of between 130,000 and 200,000 acre-feet yearly from the IID to the San Diego County Water Authority.

· a 35,000 acre-feet State Water Project swap between Coachella and MWD.

· the lining of the All-American Canal with 67,700 acre-feet of seepage recovered and transferred to MWD.

· the lining of the Coachella Canal with 26,000 acre-feet of recovered seepage transferred to MWD.

· two 50,000 acre-feet transfers to Coachella and/or MWD.

· caps on the IID's and Coachella's priority three to Colorado River, with the IID capped at 3.1 million acre-feet yearly, from which all transfers are deducted, and Coachella capped at 330,000 acre-feet yearly.


· better defined allocations under priority six entitlement for IID, Coachella and MWD that assures MWD 38,000 acre-feet.

· an agreement on inadvertent overruns.

· an exchange agreement between San Diego and MWD

· satisfaction of so-called miscellaneous present perfect rights.

· how to share shortages on the river.

· implementation of the San Luis Rey Indian water rights.

The QSA's key implementation actions are:

for IID:

· on-farm conservation, water delivery system improvements and fallowing.

· line the All-American Canal.

for Coachella:

· facilities to recharge ground water.

· so-called in-lieu delivery of Colorado River water to reduce the continued pumping of ground water.

· line the Coachella Canal.


· no new construction or modification required to receive the additional water.

Related projects:

· the IID transfer to San Diego.

· the federal government's implementation agreement/interim overrun policy

· the Colorado River interim surplus guidelines.

· the Coachella Valley water management plan.

· the lower Colorado River multi-species conservation plan.

· the San Luis Rey Indian water rights settlement.

· MWD's Cadiz and Hayfield projects.

· the Salton Sea restoration.

· the MWD/Palo Verde Irrigation District water conservation/land management plan.

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