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Letters To The Sports Editor

June 30, 2002

Consider wording when dealing with children

In my youth, I took great pride in seeing my picture appear in the I.V. Press. An occasional school activity or slide into home plate was not front-page news, but it had an awe-inspiring impact on my emerging self-esteem.

I am extremely disheartened by a recent picture selection and caption in your local sports section June 18. The game was not close, by any means, and the play was not critical to the outcome. Next time, consider "attempts to field" in the place of "bobbled and dropped." It will make a world of difference in the heart and mind of a child.


El Centro

Child hurt by thoughtless, incomplete caption

To sports writer and editor: Do you have children? If so, I hope you never have to see the look of devastation and pain that we saw on our son's face recently. He was crushed. The Brawley White Sox played their hearts out in the inter-city minor league championship. Our son left knowing that he had done his best and that his team had given Calexico a run for their money.


As parents we strive to focus on the positive, rather than the negative. We celebrate our children's accomplishments. Shane's celebration was short-lived due to your choice of caption used for his photo in Tuesday's paper. In that play in which he "bobbles and drops" the ball, as you so negatively stated, he proceeded to throw out the runner on second base. Thus, no error was committed.

Of course, that wasn't mentioned in your caption. Your caption was thoughtless and showed an extreme lack of compassion for a 10-year-old who gave it his all. Had your article mentioned that Shane also had two other put-outs during the game, and that it was Shane who batted in the only run scored by the Brawley White Sox, the blow may have been slightly less brutal, but still unconscionable.

Shame on you, I.V. Press!



Need more youth coverage, less about adult rec leagues

As a former Brawley resident and sister of an all-around athlete, I would like to express my opinion on the way sports team players are given recognition.

I read in the paper about the women's and men's softball leagues, but I don't see anything about the Little League, the Pop Warner or the basketball teams. The women and men who are playing softball have already had their time.

If they didn't use their youth to play sports, that's not fair to these kids. They receive recognition for almost every game.

Parents don't want to read about the men's and women's leagues. They want to read about the accomplishments their sons and daughters made during their game.

The parks and recreation and the presidents of all these sports talk about how the kids can't play if they don't do good in school. And when the kids are doing good in school, so they will be allowed to play sports, they aren't even given the recognition of playing.

There are many companies that help sponsor these sports and they don't read anything about how these kids are doing in the sports they sponsor.

Brawley is such a small town, I'm sure there is an editor that can go to the games and recognize the children that love the sport in which they are playing.

My little brother loves the game. He plays for the game for his teammates. He always gives 110 percent. He shows up to practice and games early, even before the time that was set up by the coach.

You probably ask why. Well, it's because he doesn't want to be late. He is a dedicated player.

My dad was an all-around athlete. And when he shows us his trophies and pictures he also has an overwhelming number of newspaper clippings from when he played sports as a child. I would like for my brother and all of his teammates who give their all at every game to be able to experience that. I want them to be able to look back and tell their children what they accomplished at their age.

I hope that this message will reach across to the sports editors of the Imperial Valley Press.

I'm sure there are parents out there that feel the same way, but they are afraid to say anything.

Well, I'm not afraid to voice my opinion. Maybe someone out there will do something about the sports news.

Upset but proud sister of an all around athlete:



Inspectors were rooting for U.S. soccer team

I was surprised to read in this paper that border-crossers were offended over the loss of Mexico in the Mexico versus USA World Cup game and that the incident might have been brought to the attention of some inspectors.

I am sure that the inspectors were only showing support for the U.S. soccer team and if border-crossers find it offensive, that is their problem.

If Mexico would have won, they would have been at the border shoving it in our face. If Russia rioted, it is because the authority failed to provide protection for their citizens.

The same happened in L.A. when the Lakers won three years ago. Why did this not happen this year? Because the LAPD had a strong force in the streets preventing disturbances.

As for that non-patriotic Calexico City Councilman David Ouzan who did not like Americans cheering for he American team, he can pack his 99-cent store trash and sell it in Mexico or go back to his Middle Eastern country. No American should be deprived from cheering for their home team.

I hope that the U.S. team wins and brings home the World Cup.

Come on fellow Americans, I invite you to join me and support and chant USA for our soccer team. USA! USA! USA!


El Centro

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