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ivjga kicks off season

June 30, 2002|By ERIC GALVAN, Sports Writer

BRAWLEY — There's a few general written and unwritten rules when it comes to playing golf.

Those rules range from the actual game being played to golf etiquette.

One rule most players don't follow, for whatever reason, has to do with taking the game seriously. Many golfers take the game way too seriously, when they should be enjoying themselves playing what is nothing more than a game.

If there's any group of golfers that exemplifies the fun to be had while playing golf, it is the Imperial Valley Junior Golf Association.

In the IVJGA's first meet of the year at the Del Rio Country Club here Friday, the players in the high school 15-and-up division showed how to have fun.


"You can't take this too serious. If you get serious about this, then you just psyche yourself out," said Ty Yturralde, 17, of Southwest. "You just seem to play a lot better when you're just having fun."

All Yturralde ended up playing for Friday was for fun as he was disqualified for hitting the wrong ball.

"I really don't worry about that when I'm playing out here. Playing here is just like hanging out, having fun and not taking it serious," said Yturralde.

Despite that, scores were still kept and Brawley's Ryan Mamer walked away victorious, shooting a 78 on the par-70 course. Alex Sarañino of El Centro followed with an 82 and Brawley's Garret Fargo placed third with an 86.

In the 13-14-year-old division, Brawley's Blake Schmitt shot a 95 to take first, followed by Daniel Cornejo with a 96. Imperial's Frankie Thomas carded a 97 to place third.

"This proves that we're all just having fun out here. I barely started practicing again Monday," said Mamer, 16. "The last time I played competitively was at the end of the high school season (in May). So I really wasn't too sure how I'd end up doing."

As much fun as Mamer had on the links, he took the competition seriously enough to critique certain aspects of his game.

He said he was slicing balls throughout the day and was playing more of an up and down game. But it was his play on the greens that he said made the difference.

"I made a lot of my putts. My short game saved me today," said Mamer. "You come out here and yeah, you want to have fun, but you still take it a little serious. But not too serious."

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