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Andrea Hines’ murderer released

January 24, 2006|By LEO MIRAMON AND DARREN SIMON, Staff Writers

HOLTVILLE — A man who admitted to killing 14-year-old Andrea Hines in 1994 when he was 13 has been released from the California Youth Authority and is reportedly back in Holtville.

Adan Garcia, now 25, was released from CYA in Chino after serving 12 years for a secondndegree murder plea he made before Superior Court Judge Juan Ulloa.

Garcia admitted to strangling and stabbing Andrea multiple times in the family’s backyard on Sept. 17, 1994.

Garcia was tried as a juvenile. He was released after serving his full sentence.

Specific information on when he was released was unavailable.

The deputy Imperial County district attorney who prosecuted the case is retired and could not be reached for comment.

Skip Hines, Andrea’s father, said he learned Garcia was in Holtville earlier this week. Hines had lobbied in June for Garcia to remain in custody for at least another two years.

Of Garcia’s release, Hines said: “I don’t understand the system at all.”


He added of Garcia returning to Holtville: “We are just devastated.”

Hines said for Garcia to be back in Holtville brings back memories of his daughter’s murder.

“It brings back so much pain and hurt,” Hines said. “I’m the one who found her.”

Hines added he still has fear for his family.

“I have to look over my back,” he said.

Following Garcia’s sentencing in 1994, a psychologist’s report used as part of the case against Garcia was unsealed and made public.

The author, Reid Meloy, the psychologist hired by the defense team to examine Garcia, writes that it may never be safe to release Garcia back into society.

“In a sense, he is not a danger now (at the time the reports was written), nor will he be in the institution, but this behavior, under no circumstances, should be assumed to carry over into his behavior once he is released back to society and has access to his potential victim pool,” Meloy writes in the 1994 report.

Holtville Police Chief John Vanelli, interviewed during a Holtville City Council meeting Monday, said he was aware of reports Garcia had returned to Holtville. However, Vanelli said he had not seen Garcia.

Vanelli said a city resident told him Garcia has been seen at his mother’s home.

“He’s (Garcia) not on probation. He’s not on parole. He served his complete sentence and is a free citizen right now,” Vanelli added.

Holtville Mayor Jerry Brittsan said he had heard Garcia was going to be released soon but did not know that he was back in town.

Holtville City Manager Laura Fisher said she was notified by the police chief that Garcia was back.

Fisher said she has had contact with the Hines family and she shares their concerns about Garcia being released.

“It was a terrible tragedy,” Fisher said.

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