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Stories of the Past: Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February 27, 2007

>> 50 years ago — An unnamed local man, was booked by sheriff’s deputies Wednesday on a charge of bringing alcoholic beverages onto jail property.

Deputies said the arrest came after minimum security personnel found a man, who had just been released from the jail, and his girlfriend engaged in “certain activities” in a vehicle parked near the confinement area. When the couple refused to leave, deputies arrested the man for possession of alcohol.

“The infraction could be a violation of his probation, and he may be facing more jail time,” said Albert Wainwright an official with the Sheriff’s Department.

>> 40 years ago — Dink Robart is a local horseman who thinks the ancient art of acupuncture is good therapy for ailing horses.


“I don’t look at acupuncture as a cure but more as a therapy,” Robart says.” At this point there’s just no scientific knowledge of it.”

An avid horse enthusiast for some 22 years, Robart became interested in horse acupuncture about 1 and a half years ago. Since then, he has attended a seminar of the National Veterinary Acupuncture Association in Fullerton and is doing his own active research here.

>> 30 years ago — Fining El Centro residents for wasting water in the streets will be stepped up under City Council orders Wednesday that were prompted by California’s record drought.

Police Chief R.L. “Bob” Gray was instructed to increase enforcement of city wastewater ordinance.

“Persons will be given one warning only,” he said. Fines up to $25 could be levied.

>> 20 years ago — Pioneers Memorial Hospital could not transfer its full body scanner to El Centro Community Hospital even if PMH were inclined to do so, county and state health officials said today.

If ECCH wants a scanner it will have to seek its own certificate of need, they said.

The state Department of Health and the Health Systems Agency of Imperial and San Diego counties said Brawley’s approval to purchase the equipment could not be transferred to any other institution.

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