Inmate killed at Calipatria State Prison

August 24, 2007|By JONATHAN DALE, Staff Writer

CALIPATRIA — A Calipatria State Prison inmate was killed Thursday by two other prisoners in one of the facility’s yards.

The victim was described as a 53-year-old who died when he was stabbed and slashed by at least one of his attackers, Lt. Ray Din of the prison’s public affairs office said.

As the altercation occurred, inmates in the yard were ordered down and a warning shot was fired by prison guards.

When the attackers did not let up, one of the victim’s attackers was shot once with a mini-14 assault rifle firing .223-caliber rounds, Din said.

Din described the attackers as white, as was the victim.

The stabbing victim was serving a 15-year sentence out of San Bernardino County for two rape convictions, Din said. The attacker shot by guards is a 36-year-old serving an 81-year prison sentence for first-degree murder.


The 36-year-old man was being treated for his wounds — which include his abdomen, liver, colon and kidneys — at a location being withheld from public knowledge, Din said.

A press release is scheduled later today to divulge further details in the incident, Din said.

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