Stories of the Past: Monday, December 10, 2007

December 10, 2007

>> 50 years ago — The Industrial Commission Monday night hammered out a declaration of independence from the County Board of Trade.

Members unanimously adopted a resolution that said: “We believe that developments of the past year have completely demonstrated that these (economic development) objectives cannot be attained and this commission cannot be effective under the leadership and authority of the Board of Trade; and we therefore recommend that the commission must work directly with and with the authority of the Board of Supervisors.”

>> 40 years ago — Something — most likely a practice bomb — landed in an alfalfa field near the intersection of Highway 111 and Jasper Road at noon yesterday.

Whatever it was dug a neat round hole about six feet deep in the soft earth about 100 yards from two homes.


Effie Conn, who lives in one of the homes, said that she heard a “whooshing” sound and then a “thump.” She said that she ignored the noise. “You hear so many different noises from the planes around here,” she added.

A few minutes later, however, Anselmo Necochea and his brother, Lionel, who had been plowing a nearby field, came to her home and reported that they had seen a smoking object fall into the field. The sheriff’s office was notified, and they in turn notified the Naval Air Facility.

>> 30 years ago — West Valley College ran into the hot-shooting Imperial Valley College Arabs Friday night in the second round of the Grossmont-Cops Basketball Tournament.

IVC lost to Grossmont Thursday and West Valley was upended by Oxnard. The IVC Arabs came out on top in Friday’s game by a narrow 81-79 margin.

The season is a rollercoaster ride for Coach Gary Hulst. His Arabs do everything wrong one night and turn around with a superior showing the next.

The Arabs got into foul trouble against Grossmont and couldn’t rebound. The Desert Conference club also had problems connecting on field goal attempts.

>> 20 years ago — After five years of planning, elections and legal disputes, residents of northern San Diego County are still trying to stop a proposed San Marcos trash incinerator similar to a project being discussed for Ocotillo.

Both projects, which would use San Diego area trash as fuel to generate electricity, are being planned by a company called North County Resource Recovery Associates, located in San Marcos.

The cities of Encinitas and Carlsbad, and a 2,300-member group called North County Concerned Citizens are all fighting construction of the project because of what they see as health, environmental and financial risks associated with the project.

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