Local swimmers admired

July 28, 2008

Thumbs up to swimmers from Brawley, El Centro, Holtville, Imperial and Yuma who braved hot, muggy temperatures to compete in the daylong Swim Meet of Champions on Saturday at Naval Air Facility El Centro.

The event culminated weeks of hard work by the Valley’s young athletes, many who competed weekly against each others’ teams in triple-digit temperatures.

Thumbs up also to the many, many volunteers — and some paid staff as well — who devote hours to helping these competitors get better at their sport.

Thumbs up to an increase in sex offenders caught coming across the U.S.-Mexico border.

Many of these were deported after offenses committed in the United States, while others fled across the southern border to await the “perfect” time to return.


Congratulations to those responsible for putting these predators behind bars. Let’s hope they stay there.

Thumbs up to an optimistic outlook some have for the Imperial Valley.

As the county sees its jobless numbers inch higher, in come two businesses in Brawley that promise hundreds of jobs to those seeking employment.

Prima Bella Produce and Wal-Mart SuperCenter both are hiring people these days. Prima Bella has up to 200 positions open and Wal-Mart has 250. What a boost those are in these days of depressing economic news.

And in El Centro, the city’s downtown is seeing an increase in traffic that some say could be a direct response to the high costs of traveling elsewhere this summer.

In an ironic twist, the dire straits of the U.S. economy are keeping people closer to home, where their hard-earned cash goes into the local economy.

Maybe there’s something to that silver lining theory.

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