Stores see success over Easter break

April 14, 2009|By JONATHAN DALE, Special Sections Coordinator

Easter break for many families means a trip to an amusement park or simply just getting outside of the Imperial Valley.

For others it brings with the days off from school a special trip to local shopping centers, a pastime the current national economic climate seems to have had little effect on, judging by conversations with some local Imperial Valley Mall business managers on Monday.

On one hand, Francisco Ibarra, a manager for Anchor Blue — a clothes shop specializing on fads and fashions many teens enjoy — said the economy has definitely had a detrimental effect on the volume of shoppers over Easter break.

“It’s been busier since last week,” Ibarra said. “It was spring break for younger kids in Mexicali last week, and this week it is for high school kids.


“It’s been about twice as busy this week because the teenagers have been coming in,” he said.

But then Ibarra claimed the economy “has affected our store,” neglecting to explain how due to concerns over sharing too much store information.

GameStop manager Sergio Molina, however, was all too happy to share the fortunes of his mall store — and for good reason. His store was populated by many kids and teens looking for new games or shuffling through bins for used ones as they sought a new way to pass the time during the break from school. “It was busier than usual today for a Monday,” Molina said. “We weren’t expecting that many people, but there have been maybe twice as many as usual.”

Because video games are a relatively exclusive property that cannot be readily found outside of specific stores, and because the peso’s value is down, Molina said many kids milling about the room were from Mexicali.

The economic climate, which has devastated housing and automobile markets, seems to have had little to no effect on GameStop.

“There was definitely more people today than the Monday after Easter last year, so I don’t think the economy is having that much of a negative effect,” Molina said.

“Also the value of the peso is down, so a lot of people from Mexicali are up here shopping while they’re on vacation as well,” he said.

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