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Voice: Seen this movie before

June 04, 2009|By DANIEL PAVAO, El Centro

Springtime is upon us once again, Mr. Editor, and I am anticipating another of your semi-annual editorial tongue-lashings about the need for a new all-out cleanup effort by the citizens of El Centro.

Not only approaches into town, commercial and public areas, but my pet peeve, the residential areas.

It is sad to drive a reasonably well-kept street and then find the one residence that looks like a hobo jungle: hip-high Bermuda grass; weeds, trash, yard mowed only seven (7!) times in years; sidewalk and walkways never been edged; so much trash and junk concealed by the tall grass that the only safe way to mow it would be with a weed-eater or a flame thrower (now there’s an idea).

And this particular site is owner-occupied!

I suggest that you start calling out the really ugly residential sites by their street addresses. There are many and I can furnish a list. Failing in that, you could get really personal and start naming names. Well, guess what: I have a candidate street for you to consider; the 1600 block of Aurora Drive. The nominee site provides a stark contract against the two well-maintained homesites adjacent (plus the balance of the block) and underscores the old adage that “every street has a problem property, if not every block.”


The rest of the block overall should grade about a B+; but with the problem parcel considered, it would get a D, maybe D+.

All it takes, over time, is for one parcel to look like the New River gorge or the Glamis dunes. (See the 1500 block of Aurora Drive Circle). The negative impact on the neighborhood can be devastating, creating the “why bother, why try” outlook.

People who practice this kind of neglect, this attitude, who can’t or won’t maintain their own homesite should seriously consider an apartment, a condo, or better yet in this case, a 12-man G.I. tent!

A halfway decent residential yard and homesite doesn’t require much effort; but it does require some effort!

I see no pride there; no class whatever and worse still, it manifests a total absence of any self-respect; and reflect an attitude best described as: “in your face and up yours.”

Let me emphasize that I am a strong advocate of property rights. But these are college grads that must have slept through civics class.

Doesn’t the city have a code compliance ordinance operating out of the Fire Department?

I’ve seen this movie before.

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